How To Admit A Momentary Defeat

I have to admit, this damn bike has got me angry today!! I am at the point that I need to remove the heads and rocker boxes. I am going to polish the rocker boxes by hand then take the heads to my buddies shop and walnut blast them. There is one hell of a problem though…. I cant get the friggin’ heads off!!! Those suckers are on there and won’t budge and inch! Never had this problem before. I quadruple checked the all the bolts to ensure I removed them. I took a razor along the edge to remove any gunk or build up. I made sure the piston was in the lowest position and even tried it in multiple positions. I applied heat and lots of it! The front head didn’t budge! ┬áIn the mean time, I did a few other small details but, this is the last major thing I need to do before I start the rebuild. Damn I want this done! Hopefully, I will get to be a Greasy Dozen Builder and make this bike a beautiful addition to the vast array of awesome builds already done. Even if I don’t make it in the Greasy Dozen, I will still chronicle the build here on the blog. I’ll be doing a top end rebuild once the damn heads come off. I’m making some fender struts, chopping a rear fender, removing the front fender, new gas tank, 12 inch “Z” bars with the switches integrated right into the bars. The engine is beefed up with an S&S 93inch kit and it has a clutch basket to handle the torque. I’ll stick some old school style Firestone or Avon tires on it and polish every damn spoke on the rims. Of course there is plenty more but, I’m done with it today. Check back to see progress or, stop by the new shop and see it yourself!

Somethings gotta give!


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