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Just a few update pics from my current build for the awesome opportunity that is the Greasy Dozen Builders Collective. Sometime later today I think we find out who will be selective as the official dozen. I’ve been waiting on this since mid last year when I discovered the Collective a bit too late to be involved. I jumped on it this year! I’ve posted a bunch of pics on my facebook business page and on instagram account. Fingers crossed, I would love to be involved with this and hope to one day build my shop to the point that I can also become a sponsor in some way.

IMG_20150213_192123[1] IMG_20150209_062156[2] IMG_20150208_055940[1]20150214_144542[1] 20150131_175440[1]


It hasn’t changed much lately. Mostly due to me having to go out of town for a week then having to move everything into the new shop. As soon as I can get the heads off, it’ll start going pretty quick. I have almost all the materials needed to complete the build. Just need to put them together and make them work. If you want in on the Greasy Dozen, make sure you do it quick!!

Peace, grease and a life of ease!


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