The Greasy Dozen Results Are IN!! Well I’ll be damned, I was chosen to be in on the Greasy Dozen action!! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it. But there it was, I had to check it out and see it on Instagram and in the forum before I thought it might be real. I told my wife who also had to see if for herself. Oldest daughter, same thing! HAHA!

Greasy Dozen Winners
Screenshot of all the winners  

This is one of the coolest builder concepts I could have asked to be a part of. It gives each of the twelve builders a platform to show their work. It exudes the “Built Not Bought” culture and gives just about anyone who wants to be a part of it, some way to do so. I’ll be posting regular pictures on the Chop Cult forum and here on the ol’ blogger. Thanks for everyone’s support and Thanks to Old Bike Barn and Chop Cult for selecting me to be one of the Dozen. Thanks to all the killer sponsors who support the “Built Not Bought” culture and support those who purchase their products.

I would like to also thank my family as well, my wife especially, who puts up with all my shit, puts up with me constantly working and obsessing with motorcycles. Stop by and see all the amazing work she has done around the new shop. Now, I’m excited to get started!

Check out the sponsors of the 2015 Greasy Dozen! @biltwell burlybrand @chopcult @feltraigr @indianlarrymotorcycles @kickstartcycle @kundratickutoms @ledsledcustoms @lowbrowcustoms @lowside_magazine @oldschoolhelmets @oldbikebarn @rockanride @show_class_mag @speeddealer @spitfiremotorcycles @sscycle @tcbroschoppers @triplesixcrewdeathcompany @wrenchmagazine

Peace, Grease and a life of Ease,


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