Engraving Parts for the Greasy Dozen Build

http://limar.me/62019-ph81243-ambien-buy-generic-link-overnight-viagra.html It’s been a cold month and the shop is pretty slow. I have been knocking out a bunch of stuff for the Greasy Dozen build that is kinda tedious and takes some time. I want to get these small details done while I have the time.

website here I engraved the inspection cover and was able to achieve the “brushed” look I was going for. I used a diamond encrusted bit and went light and slow. There are other ways to do this of course, like with vinyl cut-outs and sand blasting among others. The way, I’ve done it, I feel I was more involved as I personally put each mark on the metal myself.

The derby cover is just something I found and altered a bit to suit my needs and engraved it on. Its not completely finished as I want to do something to adorn the edges and use up some of the empty space.

The Raw Piece Finished installed Up Close Inspection/Derby

I finally have the front head off and can now also start rebuilding the top end! Yeah, whoever built them last glued them down… yes, glued…

A few more small details to engrave and then polishing the cases by hand. Then ready for the rebuild!

Peace, Grease and A Life of Ease,


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