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  • Featured Image Custom Helmet

    Here is another Custom painted helmet I did to accompany me to the Greasy Dozen Run later this year. I added a couple extra logos as a way to say thanks for including me in the Greasy Dozen. The Bear paw is for the organizer nicknamed”Bear” who owns and operates Old Bike Barn, which offers tons of vintage motorcycle parts and accessories. The 33 is for the web page Chop Cult which is the vehicle with which the Greasy Dozen operates and an all around awesome site for anything chopper. The back of the helmet of course has my shop name and the viking runes that represent the “Journey” and the other “Protection”. If you would like a custom helmet yourself, I can do just about anything you would like. Hit me up and we will get your design figured out and have you on the road with a sleek custom helmet. No one else out there has one like this and no one else will have one like yours either. Now, thats what custom is about!

    Peace and Grease,


  • Featured Image Chopper Seats Now Available!!

    In keeping with the theme of providing you with custom and personalized motorcycles and doing everything in-house, we can now show you some of our custom seat work! This one has has been completed for my Greasy Dozen build and trying to keep within that feel. Since its for the Greasy Dozen, I wanted the seat to have the feel of grease. I also wanted to continue the “Built not Bought” mantra and anyone who sees this bike will know what its about.

    We can design and tool and do your seat in any way you want. Different dye, design, sturdy seat pan with hardware that fits most custom applications, kangaroo leather lacing, anti microbial cushioning and everything done with your approval. What will you be sitting on?


  • Featured Image Greasy Dozen Build Update

    I’ve been working long and hard getting a few items finished for the shop so customers can see all that we have to offer. In the meantime, I have done a few things for the Greasy Dozen Build and I’m working on some bigger items to share. When I have the items complete, I will post them as a start to finish.

    I started work on the OEM transmission. Before I started tearing this thing apart, I noticed a hitch in the kicker. Every few kicks the kicker arm would slip. I will be tearing into it to fix whatever issue that is and to install some heavier duty kicker elements so my fat ass doesn’t break it in the future.

    I started with hand polishing the original cast cases to see what I could do. I think it came out awesome! I started with wet to dry sandpaper. Went from 350 and didn’t miss a step from there to 5,000 grit. Next comes polish and a sealant. Painstaking work that isn’t quick. But, the end result is satisfying and beautiful!

    1 trans start 2 beginning 3 mid way 4 75 percent 5 transmission fiished

    The next step was getting some other OEM parts cleaned and powder coated. Check out the battery box before and after. Also, in the last photo you will see a few other parts like my custom fender struts and clutch arm and a few other pieces. All done with help from one of my best friends Allen from VSM. He did a fantastic job.

    1 OEM 2 Bead blast 3 Powdered

    More work to come. Heads and rocker boxes are being worked on, battery box being engraved and more than I care to think about…

    Peace, Grease and a Life of Ease,


  • Featured Image Engraving Parts for the Greasy Dozen Build

    It’s been a cold month and the shop is pretty slow. I have been knocking out a bunch of stuff for the Greasy Dozen build that is kinda tedious and takes some time. I want to get these small details done while I have the time.

    I engraved the inspection cover and was able to achieve the “brushed” look I was going for. I used a diamond encrusted bit and went light and slow. There are other ways to do this of course, like with vinyl cut-outs and sand blasting among others. The way, I’ve done it, I feel I was more involved as I personally put each mark on the metal myself.

    The derby cover is just something I found and altered a bit to suit my needs and engraved it on. Its not completely finished as I want to do something to adorn the edges and use up some of the empty space.

    The Raw Piece Finished installed Up Close Inspection/Derby

    I finally have the front head off and can now also start rebuilding the top end! Yeah, whoever built them last glued them down… yes, glued…

    A few more small details to engrave and then polishing the cases by hand. Then ready for the rebuild!

    Peace, Grease and A Life of Ease,


  • Featured Image The Greasy Dozen Results Are IN!!

    Well I’ll be damned, I was chosen to be in on the Greasy Dozen action!! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it. But there it was, I had to check it out and see it on Instagram and in the forum before I thought it might be real. I told my wife who also had to see if for herself. Oldest daughter, same thing! HAHA!

    Greasy Dozen Winners
    Screenshot of all the winners


    This is one of the coolest builder concepts I could have asked to be a part of. It gives each of the twelve builders a platform to show their work. It exudes the “Built Not Bought” culture and gives just about anyone who wants to be a part of it, some way to do so. I’ll be posting regular pictures on the Chop Cult forum and here on the ol’ blogger. Thanks for everyone’s support and Thanks to Old Bike Barn and Chop Cult for selecting me to be one of the Dozen. Thanks to all the killer sponsors who support the “Built Not Bought” culture and support those who purchase their products.

    I would like to also thank my family as well, my wife especially, who puts up with all my shit, puts up with me constantly working and obsessing with motorcycles. Stop by and see all the amazing work she has done around the new shop. Now, I’m excited to get started!

    Check out the sponsors of the 2015 Greasy Dozen!

    www.Biltwell.com @biltwell
    www.Burlybrand.com burlybrand
    www.chopcult.com @chopcult
    www.Feltraiger.com @feltraigr
    www.indianlarrymotorcycles.com @indianlarrymotorcycles
    www.KickstartCycle.com @kickstartcycle
    www.kundratickustoms.com/ @kundratickutoms
    www.ledsledscustoms.com @ledsledcustoms
    www.LowbrowCustoms.com @lowbrowcustoms
    www.lowsidesyn.com/ @lowside_magazine
    www.digthelid.com/ @oldschoolhelmets
    www.oldbikbarn.com @oldbikebarn
    www.Rockandride.com @rockanride
    www.showclassmag.com/ @show_class_mag
    http://www.speeddealercustoms.com/ @speeddealer
    www.Spitfiremotorcycles.com/ @spitfiremotorcycles
    www.sscycle.com/ @sscycle
    www.tcbros.com @tcbroschoppers
    www.triplesixcrewdeathco.com @triplesixcrewdeathcompany
    www.paisanopub.com/wrench/ @wrenchmagazine

    Peace, Grease and a life of Ease,


  • Featured Image Greasy Dozen Builder Entry Update

    Greasy Dozen
    The Greasy Dozen Entry info
    GD sponsors
    The Awesome Sponsors


    Just a few update pics from my current build for the awesome opportunity that is the Greasy Dozen Builders Collective. Sometime later today I think we find out who will be selective as the official dozen. I’ve been waiting on this since mid last year when I discovered the Collective a bit too late to be involved. I jumped on it this year! I’ve posted a bunch of pics on my facebook business page and on instagram account. Fingers crossed, I would love to be involved with this and hope to one day build my shop to the point that I can also become a sponsor in some way.

    IMG_20150213_192123[1] IMG_20150209_062156[2] IMG_20150208_055940[1]20150214_144542[1] 20150131_175440[1]


    It hasn’t changed much lately. Mostly due to me having to go out of town for a week then having to move everything into the new shop. As soon as I can get the heads off, it’ll start going pretty quick. I have almost all the materials needed to complete the build. Just need to put them together and make them work. If you want in on the Greasy Dozen, make sure you do it quick!!

    Peace, grease and a life of ease!


  • Featured Image How To Admit A Momentary Defeat

    I have to admit, this damn bike has got me angry today!! I am at the point that I need to remove the heads and rocker boxes. I am going to polish the rocker boxes by hand then take the heads to my buddies shop and walnut blast them. There is one hell of a problem though…. I cant get the friggin’ heads off!!! Those suckers are on there and won’t budge and inch! Never had this problem before. I quadruple checked the all the bolts to ensure I removed them. I took a razor along the edge to remove any gunk or build up. I made sure the piston was in the lowest position and even tried it in multiple positions. I applied heat and lots of it! The front head didn’t budge! ┬áIn the mean time, I did a few other small details but, this is the last major thing I need to do before I start the rebuild. Damn I want this done! Hopefully, I will get to be a Greasy Dozen Builder and make this bike a beautiful addition to the vast array of awesome builds already done. Even if I don’t make it in the Greasy Dozen, I will still chronicle the build here on the blog. I’ll be doing a top end rebuild once the damn heads come off. I’m making some fender struts, chopping a rear fender, removing the front fender, new gas tank, 12 inch “Z” bars with the switches integrated right into the bars. The engine is beefed up with an S&S 93inch kit and it has a clutch basket to handle the torque. I’ll stick some old school style Firestone or Avon tires on it and polish every damn spoke on the rims. Of course there is plenty more but, I’m done with it today. Check back to see progress or, stop by the new shop and see it yourself!

    Somethings gotta give!


  • Featured Image Greasy New Shop

    Well, I’ve updated everything else so I may as well update my own webpage. Along with the fact that I will be moving into an actual shop next week, the possibility of being a Greasy Dozen builder has got me motivated! I’m going to have to stall on the build for a week or two because I’ll be in the process of moving but I’ve got a couple of cool shots of the chop to share! Keep your fingers crossed for my on the Greasy Dozen and make sure you stop by the shop after next weekend to say hello and look around!

    The shop will be located at 120 Auburn Park Drive, Suite G, Auburn GA 30011. It will still be a bit part time so the hours will have to contend with my other full time job. As of right now I will be open Tues. and Wed. from 9am-noon and Thurs., Fri., and Sat. from 10am-7pm!

    See you in the new shop!

    Peace, Grease and a life of Ease,