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  • Featured Image Custom Helmet

    Here is another Custom painted helmet I did to accompany me to the Greasy Dozen Run later this year. I added a couple extra logos as a way to say thanks for including me in the Greasy Dozen. The Bear paw is for the organizer nicknamed”Bear” who owns and operates Old Bike Barn, which offers tons of vintage motorcycle parts and accessories. The 33 is for the web page Chop Cult which is the vehicle with which the Greasy Dozen operates and an all around awesome site for anything chopper. The back of the helmet of course has my shop name and the viking runes that represent the “Journey” and the other “Protection”. If you would like a custom helmet yourself, I can do just about anything you would like. Hit me up and we will get your design figured out and have you on the road with a sleek custom helmet. No one else out there has one like this and no one else will have one like yours either. Now, thats what custom is about!

    Peace and Grease,


  • Featured Image Why this shop makes everything in biker life better

    It’s a new year and as promised, we are driving forward with new things. I have begun helmet design and custom painting and opened a shop to accompany the website/blog (http://juggernautcycles.bigcartel.com). Some things in the shop may be vintage items that I think are cool and are for sale. Some items may be a show of what I can do for you to make your ride custom and better! Juggernaut Cycles is capable of designing or reapplying any type of logo or image and putting it onto many different mediums in chopperdom. I can get your vision onto a leather wallet, seat or face-mask. I can etch or engrave on any metal, wood or plastic surface and paint your helmet to match. The world is ours to design and figure out how you can enjoy your ride even more!

    Everything is done custom. Everything done 100% by hand and you will love it guaranteed! I will consider discount pricing if you order items in certain quantities for your club, family or even just yourself. If you have ideas, comments or are ready to get a project started, let me know in the comments below, email at juggernautsgarage@gmail.com or hit the contact button here on the ol’ blogger.

    Some examples of my work are shown here on the blog and on facebook at facebook.com/juggernautcycles and I will always provide more details or answer any questions if you need them. Below is a few pics of a custom helmet recently completed!