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  • Featured Image Juggernaut Cycles is in Full Swing!

    We are learning all the time about how we are saving customers money on all their motorcycle needs! Quality service and craftsmanship is a must but, knowing we can do it for a better price is satisfying. We can get all the parts and accessories any other shop can get but, we can get them for any style ride you have! We service all makes and models. We specialize in big twin, Harley style and similar bikes but, we also service your sport bikes and others. Just call and ask. We have full catalogs from all the major suppliers as well for all your accessory and customization needs! Stop by the shop!

    We can also help you with customizing in a more personal way. We can paint helmets and Powder Coat parts. We offer Hand Engraving on certain parts and also Custom Leather of all types: Wallets, Bed rolls, Seats and more! Click the links on the right to choose the category your looking for to see more examples of past work.


    We are also hosting a motorcycle show this Saturday, May, 2nd! We will be taking over the City of Auburn city hall and showing off all kinds of bikes! You can win prizes and more! There will be a motorcycle ride, Beer tent, and a BBQ contest with samples. As well as a live band and plenty more as well!


    Don’t forget BIKE NIGHT! Every Thursday! Free hotdogs, biker games and comradery!

    Make sure to stop by!

    120 Auburn Park Drive,

    Suite G

    Auburn, GA 30011

    or call,


    Peace, Grease and a Life of Ease,


  • Featured Image How Custom is Your Bike Without Custom Engraving?

    Check out the latest. I will have these designs for the Bike Nights and the Wingmen MC swap meet at the end of the month. Then, I will put them up for sale on the website. These are all designs that I thought customers may like and decided to have some on hand for people to see in person. These are all done by hand, in shop and I can do just about whatever you would like on all kinds of different engravable parts for many different motorcycles. If you have something you want engraved, hit me up and we will see if we can make it happen!

    Peace Grease and a Life of Ease,


  • Daytona Bike Week, Be Ready!

    Daytona Bike Week is fast approaching, rain, snow and freezing weather be damned! Do not get left behind or scrambling last minute! Juggernaut Cycles is now an Authorized Dealer for AMSOIL, V-Twin MFG and Mid-USA! We are ready for your bike, be it just to check or replace your battery or a full synthetic oil change and inspection! All of our synthetic oil changes feature Amsoil Synthetic Motorcycle Oil and a K&N Oil Filter (unless owner specifies otherwise).

    AmsoilLogo mid-usa-logo vtwinlogoJames Gaskets logo


    Call and ask for special pricing for active or retired MILITARY and all 1st Responders! This pricing is not just for a few selected items, its for parts and service as well! NO ONE offers that! We support those who support us and AMERICA!

    We can also hook you up with customizing your ride in ways that no one else can! Custom hand tooled leather from holsters, wallets to Seats and Custom Engraved parts with just about whatever you want engraved on it!

    Give us a call or stop by to visit the shop! If you need any special arrangements to drop off a bike at after hours, just hit us up and we will see what we can do to be more convenient for you!

    the shop is located at:

    120 Auburn Park Drive, Suite G

    Auburn, Georgia 30011

    Normal hours are:

    Sun.-Mon. – Closed

    Tues. – Wed. – 9am-Noon

    Thurs., Fri. and Sat. – 10am-7pm

    phone: (404) 551-6608

    and email: juggernautsgarage@gmail.com

    Peace, Grease and a Life of Ease,


  • Featured Image Why this shop makes everything in biker life better

    It’s a new year and as promised, we are driving forward with new things. I have begun helmet design and custom painting and opened a shop to accompany the website/blog (http://juggernautcycles.bigcartel.com). Some things in the shop may be vintage items that I think are cool and are for sale. Some items may be a show of what I can do for you to make your ride custom and better! Juggernaut Cycles is capable of designing or reapplying any type of logo or image and putting it onto many different mediums in chopperdom. I can get your vision onto a leather wallet, seat or face-mask. I can etch or engrave on any metal, wood or plastic surface and paint your helmet to match. The world is ours to design and figure out how you can enjoy your ride even more!

    Everything is done custom. Everything done 100% by hand and you will love it guaranteed! I will consider discount pricing if you order items in certain quantities for your club, family or even just yourself. If you have ideas, comments or are ready to get a project started, let me know in the comments below, email at juggernautsgarage@gmail.com or hit the contact button here on the ol’ blogger.

    Some examples of my work are shown here on the blog and on facebook at facebook.com/juggernautcycles and I will always provide more details or answer any questions if you need them. Below is a few pics of a custom helmet recently completed!

  • Featured Image Immediately make your bike cooler with these items!

    I will be moving forward and moving fast with the shop this year. Starting day one of 2015 I will taking the shop further than its ever been. The goal is to make this a full time venture. I will offer custom handmade goods of all kinds and in a wide range of disciplines. Custom painted helmets, hand engraved parts, leather goods and even full motorcycle builds! You can get everything for your custom bike done by me and to your specifications and best of all, its all done in one place! No outsourcing custom seats, engraved parts, powder-coated parts, motorcycle builds or modifications and get a helmet, wallet and holster to go with it!

    So, with that, I’m going to show some of the stuff from 2014 that I have not got around to yet. Then, we move on from there to the new year!

    Any of these items can be used as inspiration to create your own item of choice. You can ride around with a custom, one of a kind piece of hand-made art! The sky really is the limit. Have an idea? Submit it to me and we will make it happen together. Contact me at juggernautsgarage@gmail.com

    Peace, grease and a life of ease,


  • Featured Image Merch

    I keep getting asked about how supporters can get some of the merchandise that i have to sell. Here are some of the things I currently have in stock or can guarantee I can get them out within a few days. I’m no longer offering custom leather like I used to. As soon as the shovel gets completed, I will start offering custom motorcycle seats in leather. Of course I will announce it here when the seats are available.

    I currently accept checks or Pay Pal. My e-mail and paypal account is juggernautsgarage@gmail.com. If you want something, make sure you hit me up on facebook or email to check sizing/specifics and/or put the info in the comments on Pay Pal.

    These T-shirts are in stock but I do have some limited sizes. Check with me for the size availability. I have plenty medium and large. Just a few small and a few XL. I believe I only have XXL in the grey and blue. $20 plus shipping.

    blog t's


    I put the hats together my self so you can pick the hat and your choice of white or blue patch and placement of patch. I can get other styles, just ask me if what you want is available and we’ll figure it out.




    Patches, one for $3 or Two for $5 plus shipping if required.



    And, I throw in some free buttons with every purchase.