• Featured Image July, 8th Bike Night!

    Bike Night for July will be held on July, 8th, 7-10 pm. This month, eat dinner before you get here we will not be providing food. We will however, provide some sort of cold treat once you get here and while supplies lasts.

    Juggernaut Cycles located at:

    120 Auburn Park Drive,

    Suite G

    Auburn, GA 30011

    For any other information you can call 404-551-6608

    Hope to see you here!

    July bike night

  • Featured Image BIKE NIGHT MAY 6TH!

    It’s upon us again! How awesome was last month’s bike night? Want to do it again? Friday May 6th we will! We will be hosting Praise the Lard BBQ here at the shop on Bike Night. We will for sure be doing some free giveaways as well! I’m trying to hook up with some other companies to help them promote and give some of their items out, for free! Juggernaut Cycles has the best customers and you guys deserve a little kick back every now and again!

    Then, don’t forget, we will be hosting a Bike Show and Motorcycle Ride in conjunction with Military Veterans of GA at the Ride for Hero’s, held in downtown Auburn the very next day! Saturday, May 7th! Make sure you show up to support our troops, Operation Atlas and again, Some great BBQ! This year will be even better than the last and it’s great for the whole family!


  • Bike Night Returns!

    A lot of folks have been asking about the return of Bike Night! We have been so busy, the planning for that monthly event has been on the back burner for a minute. Hell we need to have a one year in anniversary party as well! We might incorporate the anniversary into the first bike night… We’ll see. However, Bike Night itself will return as of April 8th, 2016! the hours will be 6-10 or so and we will be looking to kick it up a notch this year! More details to come!

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  • ABATE of GA SWAP Meet and Rally!

    Juggernaut Cycles will have a booth at the ABATE Rally from April 2nd,-3rd! Come and see us and get your next custom project started! Get in while you can, slots are filling up fast here at the shop! There is sure to be a bunch of cool things to see and do at the ABATE Rally and SWAP! ABATE always puts on a good event! See you there!


  • New Year, new Juggernaut Cycles!

    So, 2016 will mark a major change for us at Juggernaut Cycles. We are now, officially a full time shop with real, reliable hours! Check out the new times and check out our ad on Barrow County Community website at www.barrowcountycoupons.com. Also, there you will find a whole host of other great shops in the area to get discounts for.

    Further in 2016, we will be adding new services and we will basically be able to offer you any service or customization option to make your bike your own, custom ride. There really isn’t much we cannot do. If you have any project in mind, please call us and we will find a way to make your idea turn into a reality.

    Thanks for a great first year, we will surely be even better in 2016! ~Juggernaut

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  • Custom Leather for Christmas!

    Some folks got custom leather for Christmas! Check out our quality, custom, one of a kind products! What do you carry?

  • Featured Image Greasy Dozen Run!

    So, the update is a bit delayed but, here we go! I took the now finished bike to the Greasy Dozen Run at the end of October. The first night was killer and all the guests and builders were treated to free food, free beer and a killer band called Ride to Ruin. The event was held in Columbus, Ohio in this crazy chopper compound owned by several different companies and sponsors of the Greasy Dozen Run. No one was a dick and I made a new friend in Chad, another builder from Idaho. He brought a killer and trippy XS 650 chop that looked like a 70’s dream. Chad is a killer dude and if you ever need an XS 650 built, he’s the man to know.

    The second day began with a run. There were tons of old school and rat rod style bikes. We ended in Peebles, Ohio at this huge farm in the middle of nowhere. This is the best spot to have a private chopper event! We were treated to great food, a huge bonfire and more free beer. Lots of felled trees and hay bails for seats and tons of new brothers. There was chopper burn outs in the field and rain and a few bent handlebars. Awards were given in multiple categories. I took home the “Best Chopper” and Mr. IdahoChad took best Japanese chop. Fun was had by all and I really appreciate all the sponsors, ChopCult and especially Bear with Old Bike Barn.


  • New shop Hours!

    Juggernaut Cycles is going full time!

    Starting September 21st, we will have new hours! Now we can service our customers on a more convenient schedule!

    Monday-Friday: 10am-6pm

    Saturday and Sunday: By Appointment until next season.

    Come by and see us and see how we can help you stay on the road at a better price!