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  • Summer Hours Beginning April 1st!

    We will be changing back to summer hours starting the week of April 1st! The new hours will be as follows:

    Tues-Fri: 10am to 6pm

    Sat: 12pm to 5pm

    Sun-Mon: Closed

    Any questions please call, 470-545-1121

    As always, Juggernaut Cycles can be found at:

    130 Auburn Park Dr.

    Ste. D

    Auburn, GA, 30011

    ~ Juggernaut

  • Winter Hours Beginning 11/26/18

    We will be adjusting our hours for the winter months. The new hours begin 11/26/18.

    Mon-Fri: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

    Sat: Appointment only

    Sun: Closed

    We will also be offering winter specials on tire installs and oil changes/maintenance.

    Call or visit us with any questions!

    Juggernaut Cycles

    130 Auburn Park Dr.

    Ste. D

    Auburn, GA, 30011


  • New Hours

    We are moving into our more summer hours a bit early this year due to demand!!

    New Hours are:

    Tues-Fri: 10-7

    Sat: 12-5

    Sun-Mon: Closed

    Contact us at:

    Juggernaut Cycles

    130 Auburn Park Dr.

    Ste. D

    Auburn, GA, 30011



    Juggernaut Cycles presents our new flagship website! THEBIKERJOINT.COM! This is where we will sell all our stuff from now on. It’s also the new official home of our Biker Beard Balm and Beard Oil products!

    As of today 11/25/16 we will begin with our Black Friday Promotion and will continue on through Cyber Monday! Deals end at midnight, cyber Monday 11/28/16!

    30% OFF SITE WIDE!

    ~ Peace and Grease,


  • Featured Image New Hours.. Again!

    Ok, we see the demand! We will open again for regular hours on Saturdays until the demand slows or the weather finally cools off. The new Hours will be as follows:

    Monday-Friday: 10am to 7pm

    Saturday: 12 noon to 6pm

    Additionally, we have added tire mount and balance machines to the shop. We can now offer complete and full motorcycle service at the shop. We can also mount ATV and dirt bike tires. We can also supply the tires as well.

    Keep looking for updates as we will also have a birthday/anniversary bash in November. Details coming soon!

    ~Peace and grease,

    “Juggernaut” James

  • Bike Night New Schedule

    The next bike night at Juggernaut Cycles will be on July 3rd. We will then hold Bike Night once a month on the first Friday of the month. This is so we can offer a better and hopefully more exciting event. We may be doing some other type events between the bike nights so stay tuned here or on the facebook account for more info.

    Bike Night will be held on the following dates:

    July 3rd

    August 7th

    September 4th

    October 2

    Hope to see you there!

    Peace and Grease


  • Featured Image Friday Night Bike Night!!

    I’m tired of all the Thursday night rain! This week, Thursday is supposed to rain… again… So, we are going to change it up a bit and give some others a chance to come hang out with us as well! Bike Night will be Friday night this week!!! Come hang out, get a free hotdog and some snacks and hang in a chopper shop with like minded folks! Join us Friday 5/29/15!



  • Featured Image BIKE NIGHT!

    Bike Night will start at Juggernaut Cycles on 03/19/15 and continue every Thursday until either no one shows up or it gets too cold! Bike Night will be an open event, anyone can come and all types of bikes are welcome. There will be free hotdogs (while supplies last), music, bikes, good people and the shop will be open. How about a Bike Night at an actual motorcycle shop instead of a lame restaurant? A place where you can actually immerse yourself in motorcycles and biker culture instead of stuffing your face in just shitty food. A place where you could discuss bikes, see the many different styles, find parts, find friends to ride with etc. I might even start up a monthly swap meet for vintage parts. Inviting other folks who have old parts a chance to set up a table and get rid of some spare parts and others be able to score some great parts! I’ll keep you informed. In the mean time, check out the weekly Bike Night!

    Bike Night Flyer

  • Featured Image ADDRESS and Services

    JUGGERNAUT CYCLES is located at 

    130 Auburn Park Drive, Suite D

    Auburn, GA 30011

    Current Business Hours (As of 10/10/16): 

    Monday-Friday: 10am-7pm

    Saturday: 12pm-6pm

    If you need anything, or need to drop off a bike during non business hours, call me and we can set up a time that works.


    Currently, JUGGERNAUT CYCLES is capable of completing most general maintenance needs for just about any make, model and year of motorcycle. We also offer a vast array of ways to build and customize your bike. We offer custom hand-tooled leather and custom engraving on metal parts. All work is done in-house which translates to cost savings for the customer.

    General Services Offered For Both Harley-Davidson and Similar Models and Metric, Foreign Made Motorcycles

    • Oil Changes
    • All fluid changes/maintenance
    • Tune-ups
    • Tire Mount and Balance: Motorcycle, ATV and Dirt Bike
    • Inspection Services
    • General Maintenance
    • Exhausts
    • Aftermarket parts installation
    • Wiring Inspection/Repair
    • Parts and Accessories Sales and Installation
    • Brakes: Inspection, Installation and Bleeding
    • Handlebar Installation

    Additional Services and Customization

    • Custom Hand Tooled Leather (Wallets, Holsters, Solo Seats etc.)
    • Custom Hand Engraving (Derby Covers, Points/Timing Covers, Handlebar clamps and just about any engravable surface)
    • Custom Painting, base coats, murals, pinstripe etc
    • Powdercoating

    Even if you do your own service, you need supplies. Juggernaut Cycles can supply you will all the supplies, accessories and other products that you need.

    Call anytime to inquire about any work or custom project you would like completed, from a leather wallet, hand-tooled seat, engraved covers or motorcycle service.

    We are also a dealer for just about any parts you may need for your cruiser style motorcycle! We offer the entire catalog of parts from Mid-USA, V-Twin MFG and James Gaskets! Call or stop in for pricing!

    AmsoilLogoJames Gaskets logomid-usa-logovtwinlogo