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  • New Hours

    We are moving into our more summer hours a bit early this year due to demand!!

    New Hours are:

    Tues-Fri: 10-7

    Sat: 12-5

    Sun-Mon: Closed

    Contact us at:

    Juggernaut Cycles

    130 Auburn Park Dr.

    Ste. D

    Auburn, GA, 30011


  • Immediate Openings!!

    We have immediate openings for service and repair! Riding season is right around the corner! If you have been putting of any type of service or repair that you were waiting on winter to have done, now it the time to do it! We can get you towed here for a discount rate. We can have most services done same day! Don’t wait for a nice day to get the bike repaired. Get out and ride because you’ve already got it done! Call or stop in today!


    130 Auburn Park Dr.

    Ste. D

    Auburn, GA, 30011

  • Same Day Service!

    We are now able to provide same day service for almost any basic maintenance needs! This would include services such as tire mount and balance, oil and filter change, brakes etc. If your tired of the prices and long wait for simple maintenance then, we are your next stop! Come by or call today! 470-545-1121


    Juggernaut Cycles is located at:

    130 Auburn Park Dr.

    Suite D

    Auburn, GA 30011


  • Featured Image New Hours.. Again!

    Ok, we see the demand! We will open again for regular hours on Saturdays until the demand slows or the weather finally cools off. The new Hours will be as follows:

    Monday-Friday: 10am to 7pm

    Saturday: 12 noon to 6pm

    Additionally, we have added tire mount and balance machines to the shop. We can now offer complete and full motorcycle service at the shop. We can also mount ATV and dirt bike tires. We can also supply the tires as well.

    Keep looking for updates as we will also have a birthday/anniversary bash in November. Details coming soon!

    ~Peace and grease,

    “Juggernaut” James