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  • Featured Image Greasy Dozen Run!

    So, the update is a bit delayed but, here we go! I took the now finished bike to the Greasy Dozen Run at the end of October. The first night was killer and all the guests and builders were treated to free food, free beer and a killer band called Ride to Ruin. The event was held in Columbus, Ohio in this crazy chopper compound owned by several different companies and sponsors of the Greasy Dozen Run. No one was a dick and I made a new friend in Chad, another builder from Idaho. He brought a killer and trippy XS 650 chop that looked like a 70’s dream. Chad is a killer dude and if you ever need an XS 650 built, he’s the man to know.

    The second day began with a run. There were tons of old school and rat rod style bikes. We ended in Peebles, Ohio at this huge farm in the middle of nowhere. This is the best spot to have a private chopper event! We were treated to great food, a huge bonfire and more free beer. Lots of felled trees and hay bails for seats and tons of new brothers. There was chopper burn outs in the field and rain and a few bent handlebars. Awards were given in multiple categories. I took home the “Best Chopper” and Mr. IdahoChad took best Japanese chop. Fun was had by all and I really appreciate all the sponsors, ChopCult and especially Bear with Old Bike Barn.


  • Featured Image Engraving Parts for the Greasy Dozen Build

    It’s been a cold month and the shop is pretty slow. I have been knocking out a bunch of stuff for the Greasy Dozen build that is kinda tedious and takes some time. I want to get these small details done while I have the time.

    I engraved the inspection cover and was able to achieve the “brushed” look I was going for. I used a diamond encrusted bit and went light and slow. There are other ways to do this of course, like with vinyl cut-outs and sand blasting among others. The way, I’ve done it, I feel I was more involved as I personally put each mark on the metal myself.

    The derby cover is just something I found and altered a bit to suit my needs and engraved it on. Its not completely finished as I want to do something to adorn the edges and use up some of the empty space.

    The Raw Piece Finished installed Up Close Inspection/Derby

    I finally have the front head off and can now also start rebuilding the top end! Yeah, whoever built them last glued them down… yes, glued…

    A few more small details to engrave and then polishing the cases by hand. Then ready for the rebuild!

    Peace, Grease and A Life of Ease,