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    Juggernaut Cycles presents our new flagship website! THEBIKERJOINT.COM! This is where we will sell all our stuff from now on. It’s also the new official home of our Biker Beard Balm and Beard Oil products!

    As of today 11/25/16 we will begin with our Black Friday Promotion and will continue on through Cyber Monday! Deals end at midnight, cyber Monday 11/28/16!

    30% OFF SITE WIDE!

    ~ Peace and Grease,


  • Featured Image New Hours.. Again!

    Ok, we see the demand! We will open again for regular hours on Saturdays until the demand slows or the weather finally cools off. The new Hours will be as follows:

    Monday-Friday: 10am to 7pm

    Saturday: 12 noon to 6pm

    Additionally, we have added tire mount and balance machines to the shop. We can now offer complete and full motorcycle service at the shop. We can also mount ATV and dirt bike tires. We can also supply the tires as well.

    Keep looking for updates as we will also have a birthday/anniversary bash in November. Details coming soon!

    ~Peace and grease,

    “Juggernaut” James

  • Featured Image Custom Saddle Bag Lids!

    The members of the  Watchmen MC have been incredible to me and Juggernaut Cycles. They have promoted the shop non-stop and have asked me to come up with a bunch of incredible projects for them to display their colors. Recently the members had their annual National get together where members from all over the country come to have a good time. One member wanted to do a something special and debut it to all his brothers at the National Roundup! He had some damage on one of his saddle bag lids and figured that by the time he paid to get it fixed or replaced, he’d pay close to what I could do something custom for. Well, he was right. We worked out a budget, he gave me a direction and I came up with a design. Once approved, the artwork was hand painted by me then sealed with clear coat by Youngblood Kustomz! Call for a quote on your custom project today! 404-551-6608

    And check out this action shot of the proud owner! Also, you can see the hand engraved Juggernaut Cycles Derby Cover!

    JT in action

    Peace, Grease and a life of Ease,


  • Featured Image Friday Night Bike Night!!

    I’m tired of all the Thursday night rain! This week, Thursday is supposed to rain… again… So, we are going to change it up a bit and give some others a chance to come hang out with us as well! Bike Night will be Friday night this week!!! Come hang out, get a free hotdog and some snacks and hang in a chopper shop with like minded folks! Join us Friday 5/29/15!



  • Featured Image Custom Helmet

    Here is another Custom painted helmet I did to accompany me to the Greasy Dozen Run later this year. I added a couple extra logos as a way to say thanks for including me in the Greasy Dozen. The Bear paw is for the organizer nicknamed”Bear” who owns and operates Old Bike Barn, which offers tons of vintage motorcycle parts and accessories. The 33 is for the web page Chop Cult which is the vehicle with which the Greasy Dozen operates and an all around awesome site for anything chopper. The back of the helmet of course has my shop name and the viking runes that represent the “Journey” and the other “Protection”. If you would like a custom helmet yourself, I can do just about anything you would like. Hit me up and we will get your design figured out and have you on the road with a sleek custom helmet. No one else out there has one like this and no one else will have one like yours either. Now, thats what custom is about!

    Peace and Grease,


  • Featured Image Highway Bars for Sale

    I have a brand new set of Wyatt Gatling Highway bars for sale. They were powder coated black and only used as a mock up one time. You can see in the one pic that there is a small spot on the mount where the powder coat chipped during mock up. Other than that, the bars are in basically brand new. The other pic shows the product in the cataloge and you can see the models which these bars fit. Any questions, feel free to stop by the shop and check them out. I will ship these but, of course, you pay shipping. $200 local pick up and $225 shipped. Thanks

    Peace and Grease,


  • New Items and Discounts in the Store!

    It’s Memorial Day weekend, most of us will be at home drinking cold beer and grilling by the lake, our military and service men and women are out defending our country. Remember that and remember the ones who gave all. Now, to celebrate America, we have a few items on sale and discount in the good ol’ store! T-shirts will be on sale for just $12.50 and we are down to a few limited sizes. Get yours before they are gone! We also have posted a few more engraved designs and I’m going to show off a new leather face mask design. These are custom, made to order and completely your own! Check out the pics! Then head off to the  Juggernaut Cycles store to get your stuff!

    Hit the link and get your custom stuff while you can! Many items are one of a kind!

    Peace, Grease and a Life of Ease,