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  • Featured Image Friday Night Bike Night!!

    I’m tired of all the Thursday night rain! This week, Thursday is supposed to rain… again… So, we are going to change it up a bit and give some others a chance to come hang out with us as well! Bike Night will be Friday night this week!!! Come hang out, get a free hotdog and some snacks and hang in a chopper shop with like minded folks! Join us Friday 5/29/15!



  • Featured Image How Custom is Your Bike Without Custom Engraving?

    Check out the latest. I will have these designs for the Bike Nights and the Wingmen MC swap meet at the end of the month. Then, I will put them up for sale on the website. These are all designs that I thought customers may like and decided to have some on hand for people to see in person. These are all done by hand, in shop and I can do just about whatever you would like on all kinds of different engravable parts for many different motorcycles. If you have something you want engraved, hit me up and we will see if we can make it happen!

    Peace Grease and a Life of Ease,


  • Featured Image Chopper Seats Now Available!!

    In keeping with the theme of providing you with custom and personalized motorcycles and doing everything in-house, we can now show you some of our custom seat work! This one has has been completed for my Greasy Dozen build and trying to keep within that feel. Since its for the Greasy Dozen, I wanted the seat to have the feel of grease. I also wanted to continue the “Built not Bought” mantra and anyone who sees this bike will know what its about.

    We can design and tool and do your seat in any way you want. Different dye, design, sturdy seat pan with hardware that fits most custom applications, kangaroo leather lacing, anti microbial cushioning and everything done with your approval. What will you be sitting on?


  • Featured Image Greasy Dozen Build Update

    I’ve been working long and hard getting a few items finished for the shop so customers can see all that we have to offer. In the meantime, I have done a few things for the Greasy Dozen Build and I’m working on some bigger items to share. When I have the items complete, I will post them as a start to finish.

    I started work on the OEM transmission. Before I started tearing this thing apart, I noticed a hitch in the kicker. Every few kicks the kicker arm would slip. I will be tearing into it to fix whatever issue that is and to install some heavier duty kicker elements so my fat ass doesn’t break it in the future.

    I started with hand polishing the original cast cases to see what I could do. I think it came out awesome! I started with wet to dry sandpaper. Went from 350 and didn’t miss a step from there to 5,000 grit. Next comes polish and a sealant. Painstaking work that isn’t quick. But, the end result is satisfying and beautiful!

    1 trans start 2 beginning 3 mid way 4 75 percent 5 transmission fiished

    The next step was getting some other OEM parts cleaned and powder coated. Check out the battery box before and after. Also, in the last photo you will see a few other parts like my custom fender struts and clutch arm and a few other pieces. All done with help from one of my best friends Allen from VSM. He did a fantastic job.

    1 OEM 2 Bead blast 3 Powdered

    More work to come. Heads and rocker boxes are being worked on, battery box being engraved and more than I care to think about…

    Peace, Grease and a Life of Ease,


  • Featured Image H-D St. Bob Ignition Relocation, What Should Have Been; Part 1

    Anyone who has a Harley-Davidson Dyna St. Bob like my ’07, knows the pain in the ass it is to turn that sucker on! Yeah, it’s kinda nostalgic to have the ignition on the neck but, it soon gets tiring. Most Harley models have an  ignition on the top of the gas tank, on the dash portion. It’s nice, you can put in the key, turn it on, take the key out and have access to turn your hog on right in front of you and in hands reach. Basically its key-less from there unless you want to lock it.

    The St. Bob though, has the ignition is on the neck. This involves turning the bike on before you get on and you leave the key dangling from the ignition. Its a bit hard to fumble with the key when you have thick winter gloves on. And, you have to get off the bike to turn it off or lean over the tank and hope your jacket doesn’t scratch it in the process. I’d always hit the kill switch on the handlebar, get off the bike and take off my gloves, glasses, helmet etc and then forget the damn ignition. Even after riding this thing daily and for thousands of miles. For my birthday this year, all I wanted was a new ignition.

    If you are confident enough in your skills to locate the ignition wires (always have a manual for your model), cut and solder wire and cut through the dash on your expensive two wheeled mistress, then, this mod is for you. If you can’t confidently locate and solder a wire or, would simply not like to mess with it, you can always bring to the shop and let me do it for you!

    If your game to get it done, here is a picture tutorial on how I accomplished mine:

    A couple tools used:

    Metal snips, 2 inch diameter hole drill bit, 4 flat bottom screws and 12 nuts with 4 lock washers, a few inches of extra wire, wire heat shrink, a piece of paper for a template and a small sheet of aluminum. I used electrical tape and a few zip ties to keep the wires together and neat. I ordered my new black ignition from ebay.

    5 tools needed


    First, disconnect your battery then start taking your dash all the way apart. Basically disconnect every wire and take out the little neutral light indicator. It’s easy and pretty self explanatory.

    1 dash disasemble

    From there, you are going to have to pull the little plastic wire protector/deflector out to gain complete access to the ignition wires. You may have to loosen up your fuel tank to get your hand in there. The deflector is located under the gas tank, on the bottom of the frame backbone, on top of the front cylinder, by the bike’s neck….(didn’t get a pic, sorry) Anyway, once its removed you can pull most of the wires out from there, you may have to pull other wires out of the neck from the inserts on the neck by the ignition. Getting the wires out and back in are really the hardest part of this whole ordeal.

    2 wires pulled out

    Now, you will have to get your big fat hand inside the neck from the bottom, where you pulled out the plastic protector insert. The ignition wires are mounted onto the left side of the inner neck wall. It has a little tab they may hold it in place but, mine came out easy with a light tug.

    3 wire location 4 wire located


    Get the ignition wires pulled out and routed through the left side wire insert area on the neck. You will see the other sets of wires leading to the dash of your bike coming out of there. Your going to have to add some length to the wires in order to make this work.

    Before we add wire, we need something to measure and mock up to. So, get ready to cut your dash. I have seen others that mentioned that they purchased a dash for a Wide Glide and just hooked it all up to that. That is a couple hundred bucks I’m not going to spend when I can just cut a hole and insert a rubber grommet.

    There are three random raised lines in the center of your dash under the neutral indicator light bar. Find the center of the center line and mark it as your pilot hole spot. Take your 2 inch diameter hole drill bit and drill it out!

    6 Find the center 7 Cut hole

    I used a Dremel to sand down the sharp edges then put some electrical tape around the edge so not to scratch up my ignition during mock up because the rubber grommet had not arrived yet. I ordered a grommet from www.cableorganizer.com. I could not find one ANYWHERE! So, I picked out exactly what I needed online and had it delivered to my door. Cost about 5 bucks delivered. Make sure you order the grommet at 2 inches total diameter. Not 2′ inner diameter or the outside diameter will be too big. I used a 1/8 grommet width.

    8 Grommet

    This will keep you busy for a minute, check back for part two in just a few days.

    Peace, Grease and a Life of Ease,


  • Featured Image Why this shop makes everything in biker life better

    It’s a new year and as promised, we are driving forward with new things. I have begun helmet design and custom painting and opened a shop to accompany the website/blog (http://juggernautcycles.bigcartel.com). Some things in the shop may be vintage items that I think are cool and are for sale. Some items may be a show of what I can do for you to make your ride custom and better! Juggernaut Cycles is capable of designing or reapplying any type of logo or image and putting it onto many different mediums in chopperdom. I can get your vision onto a leather wallet, seat or face-mask. I can etch or engrave on any metal, wood or plastic surface and paint your helmet to match. The world is ours to design and figure out how you can enjoy your ride even more!

    Everything is done custom. Everything done 100% by hand and you will love it guaranteed! I will consider discount pricing if you order items in certain quantities for your club, family or even just yourself. If you have ideas, comments or are ready to get a project started, let me know in the comments below, email at juggernautsgarage@gmail.com or hit the contact button here on the ol’ blogger.

    Some examples of my work are shown here on the blog and on facebook at facebook.com/juggernautcycles and I will always provide more details or answer any questions if you need them. Below is a few pics of a custom helmet recently completed!

  • Featured Image Immediately make your bike cooler with these items!

    I will be moving forward and moving fast with the shop this year. Starting day one of 2015 I will taking the shop further than its ever been. The goal is to make this a full time venture. I will offer custom handmade goods of all kinds and in a wide range of disciplines. Custom painted helmets, hand engraved parts, leather goods and even full motorcycle builds! You can get everything for your custom bike done by me and to your specifications and best of all, its all done in one place! No outsourcing custom seats, engraved parts, powder-coated parts, motorcycle builds or modifications and get a helmet, wallet and holster to go with it!

    So, with that, I’m going to show some of the stuff from 2014 that I have not got around to yet. Then, we move on from there to the new year!

    Any of these items can be used as inspiration to create your own item of choice. You can ride around with a custom, one of a kind piece of hand-made art! The sky really is the limit. Have an idea? Submit it to me and we will make it happen together. Contact me at juggernautsgarage@gmail.com

    Peace, grease and a life of ease,


  • Featured Image Helping families of HEROES!

    Stuff if getting a bit crazy out there for those who spend their days protecting us! Juggernaut Cycles is going to give a little something back and we need your help!

    Blue lives matter! Juggernaut cycles is a Law Enforcement Officer owned motorcycle shop that would like to get your help in showing support to our brothers and sisters in BLUE! In this dire time, many more officers’ lives have been put in greater danger. Yet, faithfully we still arrive at work ready to get the job done. Very few are standing up for the heroes Law Enforcement right now but, let’s show what we few can do!

    derby plain

    Donate here~ http://www.gofundme.com/jc05nc

    Juggernaut Cycles has created this one of a kind, hand engraved Harley-Davidson style derby cover. This cover displays the Patron Saint of Law Enforcement, St. Michael and the “Thin Blue Line”. The “St. Michael Protect Us” Derby Cover is a custom motorcycle part that will set your ride apart from any other while showing support to those in Blue.  Everyone will know where you stand when you ride in!

    Here’s how it goes. You can donate any amount but, for every $10.00 U.S. dollars you donate, you will be entered to win this one of a kind, hand engraved Harley-Davidson Derby Cover (a $250 dollar value)! No one else on earth will have this beautiful, hand crafted part! Every penny of proceeds will go toward Law Enforcement Charity of the winners choosing! You don’t have to ride to win. You don’t have to ride to enjoy the prize. The Winner may use the cover for whatever purpose you would like. Put it on display, give it to a LEO, gift it to someone who rides, it will be yours to decide!

    This cover fits all 99-14 Twin Cam Models (06 Dyna Glide and all 07-14 applications will require the use of gasket).

    The winner will be chosen at random  and announced on Saturday, January 10th. You must leave your name and contact information with your donation in order to win. The winner may choose the charity or cause the proceeds are relinquished to, with the exception that it is Law Enforcement specific.

    Don’t just like and share, give! click the link and throw a few bucks to the families of those who lost heroes!

    Peace, grease and a life of ease,