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  • Featured Image Motorcycle Technician Needed!

    Are you someone who would like to get away from the corporate world of motorcycles and wants to get back to the grass roots of the industry? Looking to get in on the forefront of a fast growing independent shop? We may be right for each other!

    We are currently hiring EXPERIENCED motorcycle technicians to help us out! Our reputation has us swamped with work and we would like to share. We need a technician who can competently work independently on all makes and models of motorcycle. Please do not apply if you do not have experience in the motorcycle industry. We currently do not have the opportunity to teach or train someone who cannot diagnose or fix motorcycle specific issues. We need quality work completed and confidence that your projects are done the right way, every time.

    Monday-Friday and possibly some Saturdays may be required.

    Please submit resumes to juggernautcycles@yahoo.com

    Or, call 470-545-1121

    Peace and grease,

    ~ Juggernaut James

  • Featured Image July, 8th Bike Night!

    Bike Night for July will be held on July, 8th, 7-10 pm. This month, eat dinner before you get here we will not be providing food. We will however, provide some sort of cold treat once you get here and while supplies lasts.

    Juggernaut Cycles located at:

    120 Auburn Park Drive,

    Suite G

    Auburn, GA 30011

    For any other information you can call 404-551-6608

    Hope to see you here!

    July bike night