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  • Winter Hours Beginning 11/26/18

    We will be adjusting our hours for the winter months. The new hours begin 11/26/18.

    Mon-Fri: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

    Sat: Appointment only

    Sun: Closed

    We will also be offering winter specials on tire installs and oil changes/maintenance.

    Call or visit us with any questions!

    Juggernaut Cycles

    130 Auburn Park Dr.

    Ste. D

    Auburn, GA, 30011


  • Same Day Service!

    We are now able to provide same day service for almost any basic maintenance needs! This would include services such as tire mount and balance, oil and filter change, brakes etc. If your tired of the prices and long wait for simple maintenance then, we are your next stop! Come by or call today! 470-545-1121


    Juggernaut Cycles is located at:

    130 Auburn Park Dr.

    Suite D

    Auburn, GA 30011


  • New shop Hours!

    Juggernaut Cycles is going full time!

    Starting September 21st, we will have new hours! Now we can service our customers on a more convenient schedule!

    Monday-Friday: 10am-6pm

    Saturday and Sunday: By Appointment until next season.

    Come by and see us and see how we can help you stay on the road at a better price!


  • Featured Image Custom Saddle Bag Lids!

    The members of the  Watchmen MC have been incredible to me and Juggernaut Cycles. They have promoted the shop non-stop and have asked me to come up with a bunch of incredible projects for them to display their colors. Recently the members had their annual National get together where members from all over the country come to have a good time. One member wanted to do a something special and debut it to all his brothers at the National Roundup! He had some damage on one of his saddle bag lids and figured that by the time he paid to get it fixed or replaced, he’d pay close to what I could do something custom for. Well, he was right. We worked out a budget, he gave me a direction and I came up with a design. Once approved, the artwork was hand painted by me then sealed with clear coat by Youngblood Kustomz! Call for a quote on your custom project today! 404-551-6608

    And check out this action shot of the proud owner! Also, you can see the hand engraved Juggernaut Cycles Derby Cover!

    JT in action

    Peace, Grease and a life of Ease,


  • Bike Night New Schedule

    The next bike night at Juggernaut Cycles will be on July 3rd. We will then hold Bike Night once a month on the first Friday of the month. This is so we can offer a better and hopefully more exciting event. We may be doing some other type events between the bike nights so stay tuned here or on the facebook account for more info.

    Bike Night will be held on the following dates:

    July 3rd

    August 7th

    September 4th

    October 2

    Hope to see you there!

    Peace and Grease


  • Featured Image More Leather

    Finished up this leather mask not too long ago and just finally got around to getting some good pics. These work great. They block the wind, keep you warm and are easy to put on and take off. I can custom design one for you or you can choose any design and I can make sure it looks great on the leather! It comes with a sturdy nylon band that is flexible and adjustable with sturdy velcro. Check it out!

    Mask 1 Mask 2 Mask 3

    If you would like one, hit up the shop, contacts found all over this page,


  • New Items and Discounts in the Store!

    It’s Memorial Day weekend, most of us will be at home drinking cold beer and grilling by the lake, our military and service men and women are out defending our country. Remember that and remember the ones who gave all. Now, to celebrate America, we have a few items on sale and discount in the good ol’ store! T-shirts will be on sale for just $12.50 and we are down to a few limited sizes. Get yours before they are gone! We also have posted a few more engraved designs and I’m going to show off a new leather face mask design. These are custom, made to order and completely your own! Check out the pics! Then head off to the  Juggernaut Cycles store to get your stuff!

    Hit the link and get your custom stuff while you can! Many items are one of a kind!

    Peace, Grease and a Life of Ease,


  • Daytona Bike Week, Be Ready!

    Daytona Bike Week is fast approaching, rain, snow and freezing weather be damned! Do not get left behind or scrambling last minute! Juggernaut Cycles is now an Authorized Dealer for AMSOIL, V-Twin MFG and Mid-USA! We are ready for your bike, be it just to check or replace your battery or a full synthetic oil change and inspection! All of our synthetic oil changes feature Amsoil Synthetic Motorcycle Oil and a K&N Oil Filter (unless owner specifies otherwise).

    AmsoilLogo mid-usa-logo vtwinlogoJames Gaskets logo


    Call and ask for special pricing for active or retired MILITARY and all 1st Responders! This pricing is not just for a few selected items, its for parts and service as well! NO ONE offers that! We support those who support us and AMERICA!

    We can also hook you up with customizing your ride in ways that no one else can! Custom hand tooled leather from holsters, wallets to Seats and Custom Engraved parts with just about whatever you want engraved on it!

    Give us a call or stop by to visit the shop! If you need any special arrangements to drop off a bike at after hours, just hit us up and we will see what we can do to be more convenient for you!

    the shop is located at:

    120 Auburn Park Drive, Suite G

    Auburn, Georgia 30011

    Normal hours are:

    Sun.-Mon. – Closed

    Tues. – Wed. – 9am-Noon

    Thurs., Fri. and Sat. – 10am-7pm

    phone: (404) 551-6608

    and email: juggernautsgarage@gmail.com

    Peace, Grease and a Life of Ease,


  • Featured Image The Greasy Dozen Results Are IN!!

    Well I’ll be damned, I was chosen to be in on the Greasy Dozen action!! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it. But there it was, I had to check it out and see it on Instagram and in the forum before I thought it might be real. I told my wife who also had to see if for herself. Oldest daughter, same thing! HAHA!

    Greasy Dozen Winners
    Screenshot of all the winners


    This is one of the coolest builder concepts I could have asked to be a part of. It gives each of the twelve builders a platform to show their work. It exudes the “Built Not Bought” culture and gives just about anyone who wants to be a part of it, some way to do so. I’ll be posting regular pictures on the Chop Cult forum and here on the ol’ blogger. Thanks for everyone’s support and Thanks to Old Bike Barn and Chop Cult for selecting me to be one of the Dozen. Thanks to all the killer sponsors who support the “Built Not Bought” culture and support those who purchase their products.

    I would like to also thank my family as well, my wife especially, who puts up with all my shit, puts up with me constantly working and obsessing with motorcycles. Stop by and see all the amazing work she has done around the new shop. Now, I’m excited to get started!

    Check out the sponsors of the 2015 Greasy Dozen!

    www.Biltwell.com @biltwell
    www.Burlybrand.com burlybrand
    www.chopcult.com @chopcult
    www.Feltraiger.com @feltraigr
    www.indianlarrymotorcycles.com @indianlarrymotorcycles
    www.KickstartCycle.com @kickstartcycle
    www.kundratickustoms.com/ @kundratickutoms
    www.ledsledscustoms.com @ledsledcustoms
    www.LowbrowCustoms.com @lowbrowcustoms
    www.lowsidesyn.com/ @lowside_magazine
    www.digthelid.com/ @oldschoolhelmets
    www.oldbikbarn.com @oldbikebarn
    www.Rockandride.com @rockanride
    www.showclassmag.com/ @show_class_mag
    http://www.speeddealercustoms.com/ @speeddealer
    www.Spitfiremotorcycles.com/ @spitfiremotorcycles
    www.sscycle.com/ @sscycle
    www.tcbros.com @tcbroschoppers
    www.triplesixcrewdeathco.com @triplesixcrewdeathcompany
    www.paisanopub.com/wrench/ @wrenchmagazine

    Peace, Grease and a life of Ease,