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  • Featured Image 20th Annual North Georgia Motorcycle Trade Show

    Juggernaut Cycles will have a booth at the 20th Annual North Georgia Motorcycle Trade Show. This is held by the Wingmen MC every year, has a good rep and should be a lot of fun. I will have a bunch of items on display to show some of the custom items Juggernaut Cycles can provide. This should be a cool show and swap and you should come check it out. Flyer below.

    Tradeshow Flyer
    Tradeshow Flyer


  • Featured Image BIKE NIGHT!

    Bike Night will start at Juggernaut Cycles on 03/19/15 and continue every Thursday until either no one shows up or it gets too cold! Bike Night will be an open event, anyone can come and all types of bikes are welcome. There will be free hotdogs (while supplies last), music, bikes, good people and the shop will be open. How about a Bike Night at an actual motorcycle shop instead of a lame restaurant? A place where you can actually immerse yourself in motorcycles and biker culture instead of stuffing your face in just shitty food. A place where you could discuss bikes, see the many different styles, find parts, find friends to ride with etc. I might even start up a monthly swap meet for vintage parts.┬áInviting other folks who have old parts a chance to set up a table and get rid of some spare parts and others be able to score some great parts! I’ll keep you informed. In the mean time, check out the weekly Bike Night!

    Bike Night Flyer