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  • Featured Image Travel Tools


    So, your going to be traveling. Your a hundred miles from home and one of the bikes in your conga line breaks down. What did you bring to fix that sucker on the side of the road? AAA card? Or, did you come prepared to make a simple fix on the road? What did you bring?

    Once again, this is just my kit. Bring anything you believe may save your ass in a fix. Bring any items you may think are specific to your bike that you may have laying around. I always keep extra spare parts handy.

    Every bike on the road has nuts and bolts, wires and lights and a rider. You can do every bit of maintenance on time and even check the small things and still have a failure of some kind while on the road. At least pack the simple items that could fix those items that you know every motorcycle has.

    You don’t have to be a full on mechanic to do some simple fix that may get you running again. Anyone should be able to see a missing or loose bolt and tighten it. Anyone should be able to twist two wires together and wrap with electrical tape. Just don’t forget to disconnect the battery first…

    Aside from small tool kits with sockets and wrenches and adjustable wrenches what else might you need? Judging by the above pic, I probably carry too much or not enough.

    I have a fold up multi-tool with torx and hex extensions specific to H-D, needle nose pliers for crimping and getting into those hard to reach places, flat head and phillips screw driver, flashlight for night fixin’, shop rags, lighter, extra nuts and bolts specific to items that commonly rattle off, electrical tape and motorcycle jumper cables.

    But those are kinda obvious. What else may come in handy and is relatively small to carry?

    tools, wiring

    How about zip ties, a few extra inches of wire, wire connectors, fuses and wire posts? This fits in a small plastic baggy and could be invaluable for when a wire gets fried or falls and rubs on your rear tire.



    I carry most of the small items shown in this small swing arm bag I mounted with zip ties. Its small, out of the way and barely noticeable. In fact, no one has ever seen it until I pointed it out.

    The wrench and socket kit are small but still too large to fit in the swing arm bag so I put them in my little saddle bag. On the other side of the bike.

    It’s kinda hard to see in the top pic but, under the electrical tape is a plastic baggy containing a couple of extra turn signal bulbs and an extra headlight. That wont stop you from getting home but, may keep you from getting a ticket or seeing at night.

    Think this is overkill? Not enough? What do you think is essential that I forgot? Any clever items that helped you along the way? Tell us about it in the comment section!

    Peace, grease and a life of ease,